Carlo Gajani - 1929/2009
Carlo Gajani - Autoritratto, 1993

Biographical notes

Carlo Gajani was born in 1929 in Bazzano, on the outskirts of Bologna. He studied piano at the Bologna Conservatoire, while also pursuing classical studies at the Liceo. He subsequently enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Bologna, where he graduated with full honors in 1953.

For about fifteen years he practised medicine, during which he started to devote time to artistic activities. In the end, he desired to abandon his successful medical career and become a full-time artist, at first in the field of etching and painting. He was encouraged and supported in this decision by well-known critics such as Franco Russoli, Renato Barilli, Enrico Crispolti, Filiberto Menna, Giancarlo Cavalli, and by gallery owners including Toninelli in Milan and Forni in Bologna.

In 1964 he was invited to show at the Venice Biennale; and again in 1972. That year he began teaching Artistic Anatomy at the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino, and then in Bologna, where he taught until his retirement in 1999. He was one of the first artists in Italy to confront the problem of the relationship between portraiture and photography. In the '70s, his interest was mainly focussed on the portrait painted through the medium of photography. He executed numerous portraits of artists, writers, intellectuals in various fields - from Moravia to Pasolini, from Calvino to Eco, from Arbasino to Ginzburg, from Celati to Scabia, etc.

In 1976 Nuovo Foglio published his Ritratto, identità, maschera (Portrait, Identity, Mask), where he told the story of those portraits, he laid out the theoretical problems of the photographic genre, and presented his own stylistic solution.

From the 80's onward he dropped painting in favor of photograpy, in portraiture, landscape and nude. He worked on the urban landscapes of North America. In Italy, he "explored" the Po valley in a patient, loving search for a world no longer in existence save in phantasy. In his own studio and at the Academy he pursued a twenty-year work of the “nude”, and the intriguing relationship between photographer and model.

His portraits, landscapes and nudes have been shown in many Italian galleries, as well as in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States and Canada.

At the end of his long artistic career, he returned to the land of his childhood, in the Appennines of Emilia, searching out old mansions, the fields and skies, this time in a rigorous, dramatic black and white. This – he wrote – was "out of love, not of obligation, in search not of beauty but of the character of these abodes that remind us of life in times past".

And there, in his grandparents’ house, he died in 2009.


Carlo Gajani e Gianni Celati

Il chiodo in testa

La Nuova Foglio Editrice
Macerata 1974

Carlo Gajani

Ritratto, identità, maschera

La Nuova Foglio Editrice
Macerata 1976

G. Celati, L. Gabellone, C. Gajani

La bottega dei mimi

La Nuova Foglio Editrice
Macerata 1977

Carlo Gajani

Il posto delle fragole
(a cura di Angela Zanotti Gajani)

Treviso 2013

Personal exhibitions

  • Galleria La Scaletta, Bologna
  • Galleria Numero, Firenze
  • Galleria Minima Toninelli, Milano
  • Galleria 2000, Bologna
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Collective exhibitions

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